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Motors technology in mould, cutting tools, improve manufacturing efficiency

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
The current development trend of machine tools for high speed, high precision and high quality. High speed operation of metal stamping mould, cutting tools, metal stamping machinery parts surface treatment requirements also more and more high. To extend the use fixed number of year, reduce the production cost and create higher profits, is jointly pursue goal. With PVD technology development become more and more, the kinds of ceramic epidural including titanium nitride, carbon nitride titanium, titanium carbide, alumina, diamond film and aluminum nitride, titanium, etc. Such hard ceramic membrane is applied to the cutting tool or mold, not only can improve the surface wear resistance, cutting tool and do not break the toughness of the metal substrate. As recent new breakthrough in machine tool technology, high speed machining has gone, to shorten the cutting time and improve the surface processing accuracy. In order to cooperate with high speed machining, a large number of save processing time and cost, the cutting tool improvement has become an important factor. Tungsten carbide cutting tools with high wear resistance and hardness, the cutting tool on the market share is increasing. International mold and metal plastic industry suppliers association director luo hui pointed out that, when processing to obtain the best benefit must select the appropriate surface treatment, high temperature, heavy duty mold need to be used in CVD coated with titanium, supplemented by precision vacuum heat treatment, can achieve acceptable deformation. This part is often used in cold forging die, hydraulic mold, tungsten carbide smoking line, smoke tube. Strict in middle and low load or accuracy of cutting tools, moulds and machinery spare parts, on the application of low-temperature ( 150℃~500℃) PVD titanium plating is more appropriate. High aluminum content of aluminum nitride titanium in epidural easily generated on the surface of alumina. A layer of titanium oxide film can make the aluminum nitride ceramic epidural resistance to oxidation temperature of 923 degrees Celsius, can protect the tungsten carbide cutting tool of high speed machining of blade resistance to oxidation and keep high temperature hardness. Titanium nitride titanium nitride and carbon, however, although in the high temperature also will be generated when the titanium oxide film, but it is not easy to stick on the epidural and flake with the chip, the epidural lack protection, rapid oxidation and degradation. Therefore, whether high or low temperature coating surface treatment must select the appropriate substrate and the stability of the heat treatment, with fine buffing surface fine grinding pretreatment, to perfect.
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