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Multiple quality inspection methods about automotive stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
Automotive stamping parts quality is unqualified, not a casual, but after a series of strict inspection to judgment. The said inspection including touch, oil test, flexible net yarn grinding test, oil stone grinding test and visual inspection and so on. The touch of the so-called inspection, it is with a clean gauze to clean the surface of the automotive stamping parts, the staff wear touch gloves along the longitudinal pressing close to touch on the surface of the stamping, the inspectors in the process of experience is critical. With a clean cloth to clean the surface of the automotive stamping parts, again with a clean brush oil evenly across the same direction to the stamping parts of the entire outer surface; Then apply the oil of stamping parts under the strong light inspection, in order to observe whether there is a small pitting on the stamping parts, flat pond, corrugated and other defects. Surface is clean automobile stamping parts can use soft gauze grinding, can also use oil stone grinding, so any pitting on the surface of the stamping, indentation can easily be found. Flexible gauze is longitudinal grinding polishing, and abrasive polishing is along the longitudinal, and fit well the surface of the stamping parts, but some special place can also supplement horizontal grinding. Visual inspection is a simpler automotive stamping parts inspection, through which can detect the appearance of the stamping parts and macro defects, do not need to contact with any tools and techniques. What test way to determine whether by defects, should be resolved as soon as possible, lest the problem further.
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