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N95 mask nose strips hot melt glue nose strips are available in large quantities

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
With the outbreak of the global epidemic, masks have become a must-have item in people’s lives. In addition to the strict standard requirements for non-woven materials and technology, the bridge of the nose also plays an important role in the mask. Quality and material requirements are equally important. The role of the nose bridge on the mask is mainly to fit and shape the mask. How do we choose the right nose bridge? It is very important to choose the right specifications and materials. The common specifications of N95 masks are 0.4*5.0*90mm, 0.5*5.0*88mm, 0.8*5.0*90mm, 1.0*5.0*90mm. , The size of 0.5*5*88 is universal. The nose bridge is divided into hot-melt adhesive nose bridge and double-sided tape. The double-sided adhesive nose bridge is more troublesome in processing and use. Choose the hot-melt adhesive nose bridge. It is easier to locate in production and processing. The design and function of the nose bridge are different, so you need to choose the right nose bridge according to your own products. The production material of N95 mask nose bridge is industrial pure aluminum, aluminum material, aluminum material has good stamping performance, good bending and bending properties, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, and it is very suitable for withstanding various pressure processing and extensions. Used for processing mask aluminum strips. What role does the bridge of the nose play on the mask? The aluminum nose bridge of the mask is installed between the two sides of the nose to play a positioning role, making the mask fit the wearer's face more closely, so as to effectively block dust, smoke, flu viruses, etc. Article recommendation: What kind of regulations should be followed when processing stamping elbows? Previous post: Introduction to the characteristics of automation equipment for the production of metal stamping parts
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