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New energy battery flip chip why use aluminum alloy material

by:Fortuna     2021-02-07
Precision electronic science and technology recently developed two new batteries flip chip, the other one is the power, explosion-proof valve are used for precision stamping parts in new energy. They used materials are aluminum alloy. Why not use the battery to flip pieces of other material? Aluminum alloy material is a metal can be recycled material, environmental protection effect; It can make new energy products maintenance more convenient. Aluminum has good dimensional stability, and has lower light density, ageing resistance, high strength and life is strong, in the new energy automobile production application can produce the advantage such as fatigue resistance, resistance to fracture. Aluminium materials used for battery flip chip, and one of the biggest feature is its good electrical conductivity. It in the conductivity of the metal in the fourth, second only to silver, copper, gold. That's why battery flip chip manufacturers choose aluminum alloy as the cause of the materials.
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