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New technology of automotive stamping parts for metal stamping parts manufacturers

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Auto stamping parts produced by metal stamping parts manufacturers, whose body stamping forming technology is an important part of automobile manufacturing technology, so that some international counterparts believe that the competition of automotive technology is essentially the competition of stamping parts forming technology and its corresponding welding technology. But it shows the important position of stamping technology in automobile manufacturing; as we all know, almost 100% of the metal parts of the car body are stamped parts, and the replacement of the car body is much faster than the replacement of the chassis and engine, which determines the stamping technology In the development of automotive products, it not only affects the manufacturing cycle, but also directly affects the cost and product quality, thus affecting the comprehensive competitiveness of the product; the latest progress in the research of stamping parts raw materials by the metal stamping parts factory; new stamping plates include; 1. high strength Steel plate 2. Corrosion-resistant steel plate 3. Dual-phase steel plate; 4. Coated plate and composite plate; Recommended article: What are the principles of stamping process design in stamping parts processing plants? Previous: In stamping parts processing, pressure must be guaranteed What is the state of the machine?
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