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On-site management of precision stamping terminal production


On-site management of precision stamping terminal production

A good manufacturer of stamping terminals must have a rigorous production process and a well-managed work environment. Here's how to manage the Dongguan Fortuna Metals workshop.

1, the ground is kept clean (including under the various machines), and the garbage is poured into the garbage can.

2, there is no oil near the machine and the soundproof box. If there is oil leakage, it will react upwards in time.

3, the control cabinet operating table surface is free of dust and debris.

4. When the punch is in normal operation, there is no debris in the fuselage.

5. Only the rivets, rubber tables, electrical glue, paper strips and disc samples can be placed on the counter top.

6. The reel that is not used by the receiving machine can be temporarily placed on the pallets.

7. Place the paper tray in the proper position.

8, The tools are returned to the tool rack in time (used when shifting the shift).

9, Oil cans, sewage bottles, screws, pressure plate pads, gloves placed in the corresponding plastic box.

10. The  terminals  are placed neatly, and the defective products are properly placed in the area to be treated.

11. When stopping or changing the line, the copper materials and products that are not produced shall be marked and stored in time.

12, The electric and pneumatic components that are not used are handed over to the engineer for unified management.

13. The production report is carefully filled out and placed neatly in the upper right corner of the desk.

14. Dispose of the waste of the respective machine and the sanitation of the responsible area before leaving work.

In case of any abnormality, any person is obliged to correct it in time, and should report it to the supervisor in time if he cannot correct it himself. Adhering to the on-site management principles of this precision terminal production workshop, Dongguan Fortuna has been highly recognized by many well-known customers at home and abroad. If you have a connector-like electronic product that needs to be produced, what are you waiting for, come and find us!

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