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Partial Au plated CNC machining part technology

Partial Au plated CNC machining part technology


Partial Au plated CNC machining part technology.

With the increase in global raw material costs and labor costs, it is especially important to provide customers with a feasible solution to reduce parts costs while providing high quality and services.

In the metal stamping and hardware CNC processing industries, the plating of parts is an important factor in meeting product performance, but often gold plating and silver plating products have too high plating costs, resulting in a small market share. In the field of hardware CNC machining parts, if electroplating, basically all parts are electroplated, but often the product functional area has only a part, and the cost of electroplating in the extra area will cause the unit price of the product to rise.

In our company, we can solve this problem for our customers. Partial gold plating of parts is another breakthrough of our company in the CNC machining field, which can greatly reduce customers' plating costs and meet product functionality.

Customers can choose selective gold plating on the outside of the product or the inner hole of the product according to the specific functions of the product, such as conductivity.

If you are still annoyed that your part cost is too high to win the market, you can try to contact us to find the solution you want.

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