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PIN PIN terminal for packaging

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
PIN PIN connector is used to complete the electrical signals in the transmission of a conductive metal material. PIN PIN terminal consists of the PIN needle and plastic casing, is a common electronic connectors. PIN PIN terminal in the production is completed, usually by ordinary box for packaging. But may exist the following problems: 1, PIN needle prone to oxidation, the existing box sealing, long time storage is easy to cause metal PIN terminal PIN needle oxide, influence the stability of the PIN needle terminal connection when using; 2, PIN needle easy to bend, PIN needle terminal messy placed in a box, PIN PIN terminal easy collision between extrusion, prompted a bent PIN needle, affect the use. Can use cascading sealing structure of packing box, through to the box body filling nitrogen, solve the ordinary box to existing terminals associated PIN PIN needle oxide, easy happening at the same time the PIN needle bending problem.
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