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Plastic wood stainless steel card buckle composition and characteristics

by:Fortuna     2021-02-16
Card buckle in general, card buckle consists of positioning parts, fasteners. Positioning is used during installation, guide card buckle smooth, accurate and fast to arrive at the installation location. The fastener is used. Detachable fasteners are usually designed when applying certain separation force, card buckle will release, two fittings separation. This kind of card buckle, often used to connect two parts need to often open. Sealed fastener will require human fasteners skewed to break two parts, how to don't disassemble the parts in the process of using fixed connection. Card clasp is used for a component with the other components of the embedded links or whole atresia, usually used for plastic parts of the connection, the material is usually made of plastic material has a certain flexibility. Card buckle to connect the biggest characteristic is to install and disassemble because it can remove the free tools. Now card buckle connection technology has been more and more used in car inner decoration of the connection. A: precision stamping processing characteristics is introduced
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