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Plug shrapnel choose what kind of material is good

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
With even a minimal understanding of the switch plug knows that determine the quality of a plug material is a top priority, especially with plug performance is directly related to the plug shell material. Plug, now a lot of famous brands use tin phosphor bronze shrapnel, and announced that is superior to pure copper material, the reality is that so? Pure copper shrapnel and tin phosphor bronze shrapnel exactly which good? We are from the perspective of a plug of shrapnel performance requirements of the pros and cons of these two kinds of material. One, plug shrapnel performance requirements plug shell mainly have the effect of the conductive, which requires the shrapnel in the first place to have excellent electrical conductivity, the second is to have good elasticity and flexibility, the magnitude of the shrapnel and plug with modest, both can clamp the plug, can easily pull out again, better resilience of shrapnel, after repeated pull plug, its flexibility and resilience attenuation should be within the scope of control, the national standard is can undergo repeated 40000 times pull plug. Shrapnel also not rust, oxidation resistance, arc resistance, otherwise will be led to a decline in conductivity. Second, pure copper shrapnel and tin phosphor bronze shrapnel performance comparison before the advent of composite material, pure copper is indeed the best conductive material, copper material performance there are compete, specific see the purity of copper, the pure copper conductive performance the better. Brass, copper is better than the brass, but copper has its inherent defects, it is soft, the toughness is low, can not particularly good resilience, and is easy to oxidize. Of course it is compared with the now popular tin phosphor bronze, tin phosphor bronze these performance is better than pure copper, is particularly obvious antioxidant capacity significantly increased, the hardness and toughness, generally made of tin phosphor bronze shell fragments, repeatedly pull plug number can easily reach more than 50000 times, some good performance can be doubled or even a lifetime. In short, the plug shell is directly related to the performance of important elements, we can't ignore the inspection when the choose and buy, in addition to focus on the shell material, also want to check the thickness of the shell, to work and is a riveting, or a integrated, these are all related to the performance and life of the socket.
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