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Potential failure modes in metal stamping die design process

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Metal stamping mold, refers to the use of the fixed mold on hot press or pressure of sheet metal or nonmetal a certain pressure, make the material produces separation or forming, thereby gaining a certain size requirements, the appearance quality of qualified parts of pressure processing method. In the process of metal stamping die design possible failure modes are: ( 1) In raw materials warehouse, may be because suppliers provide incorrect material or color tag, copper material hardness unqualified phenomenon, thus affecting the performance of the product. ( 2) At the time of acquisition, as a result of material no identifiable signs and brought the wrong material. ( 3) In the process of stamping, stamping not in accordance with the SOP operation, make the punch model using the wrong. Not according to the standard parameters are set to stamping mould height setting error, group personnel not in accordance with the die fillet table mold making mould parts use error, size NG. Mold an exception occurs, a poor prognosis. Homework personnel is not in accordance with the inspection standard work, have crushed, crack of products produced. ( 4) In the process of product packaging, and people working in packaging specification makes the product deformation, slanting. ( 5) In the process of product transportation due to loose packing two collision deformation produced products. The above situation to attention in the whole process.
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