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Precautions for handling stamping parts processing waste.


In the process of stamping parts processing, metal stamping parts are produced in large quantities, which often produce a lot of waste materials, and it is well known that waste materials account for a large part of stamping raw materials, how to deal with these waste materials reasonably is also particularly important. At present, there are two types of processing, one is automatic processing, and the other is non-automatic processing. Let's take a look at the precautions for stamping parts processing waste.

1. Measures for non-automated processing of metal stamping waste:

      1. When the scraps for punching small holes are discharged obliquely, the scraps should be automatically layered and broken, and more than 100 pieces of scraps should be stored at the upper mold or lower mold base. If the scraps from two places are combined, There must be enough space for stacking.


      2. Try not to make sharp corners or burrs in the treatment of waste to prevent injury to people, and when cutting waste, the size should be appropriate to prevent injury to the operator when it is near the operator.


      3. When the waste passes through the pipeline, we should pay attention that if the width and height on the straight line are not good, it is easy to cause blockage, and try to avoid passing more than two kinds of waste on one kind of pipeline.


      4. The chute for removing waste needs to reach the end of the backing plate and be aligned with the mouth of the waste pit. When installing the chute, pay attention to whether the screws of the metal stamping die are tightened.


      5. If metal stamping waste cannot fall by its own weight, once it is caught at the cutting edge, it should be forced to fall by using falling aids such as throwing and ejection.


      6. In order to ensure safety, a protective cover should be added when non-automated metal stamping parts waste is processed nearby, and the waste should not flow out or scatter near the operator during operation.


2. Measures for automatic processing of scrap metal stamping parts:

      1. When the general sheet material is selected for processing, the waste of metal stamping parts is conveyed by the conveyor belt, cut into short lengths by the waste shredder, and then pressed into cubes by the press.


      2. Set a cutter on the metal stamping die to cut off the waste, and then transport it to the baler by the conveyor belt to briquette. Pay attention to cutting it at a distance when pressing.


      3. Use the reel to wind the waste material. In fact, the appearance of the reel is similar to that of the strip steel reel. After the metal stamping parts are wound by the reel, the waste material can be used as the material for other parts. Since the winding reel motor is driven independently, it can also be driven by a press or a feeding mechanism.

Precautions for handling stamping parts processing waste

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