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Precision cylindrical deep drawing stamping process

by:Fortuna     2021-02-03
Precision cylindrical deep drawing stamping process is the basic movement of, stripper plate first contact with the sheet metal and pressed firmly, punch descend to contact with the sheet metal, and continue to fall, into the concave die, convex and concave mold and sheet metal to produce relative motion, result in sheet metal forming volume, then separate, convex and concave die die slider to artifacts, complete the drawing. Stripper plate and the movement of the slider is critical, in order to guarantee the quality of precision deep drawing parts, must control the movement of the stripper plate, make it before the punch and the sheet metal contact, and the force that press a material should be enough, or deep drawing easy corrugate, even split; Second slider should ensure that concave die pressure, enough to ensure the flatness of deep drawing parts underside. Deep drawing die design is reasonable, is a good way to control the movement of the structural process, achieve the goal of the combined process. For example, the typical edge blanking, deep punching compound die design. Need in the motor rotating precision deep drawing, trimming requirements such as height, beating degree is high, need special rotary cutting structure in the mold design, using the rotation movement trimming, can not only ensure the size of the trimming of high precision, even cutting burr and cutting grain is also very beautiful.
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