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Precision metal processing matters needing attention

by:Fortuna     2020-05-27
Detail 1, needs to have accurate design drawings have said precision metal processing is for some small diameter metal parts processing, so the design drawings of this product to be accurate, parts and components is a miss is as a mile, if the drawing is not accurate, could lead to produce parts can't use, so as to improve the production cost. 2 materials, precision metal processing precision metal stamping processing of products commonly used in aviation, watches and clocks, etc on the material quality requirements higher, so the quality requirements of processing of metal products is also very high, so the general precision metal processing is the best material to use. 3, cost budget, in many cases, precision metal processing products are relatively low price, so we also want to consider this point when budget, requires for precision metal processing must control the cost. Improving production technology, improve production efficiency, which plays an important role to control the cost.
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