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Precision metal stamping parts processing and manufacturing process

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Precision metal stamping parts processing and manufacturing process technology, drawing parts drawing ( 1) Part three view drawing design and draw the hardware parts, its role is to use the drawing way to express the structure of sheet metal parts. ( 2) Figure drawing work pieces, which is a complex parts expands into a tablet. ( 3) Analysis drawings can quickly understand the size of the workpiece, coordinates of points, lines, curves and the position of the cutting face, determine the workpiece coordinate origin and calculate the coordinates of each fold point and curve of the coordinates of the points. Second, determine the reasonable process method of workpiece surface method choice, is for the parts on the surface of every quality requirement to choose a reasonable method. General first according to the requirements of the surface accuracy and roughness of the selected final process method, and then determine the seiko preparation process, which determine the final plan. 3, choose special stamping oil because of the technology of high speed cutting technology is poorer, the stamping oil cooling and lubrication, permeability and cleaning performance has a higher requirement, high-end yida bohai embellish stamping oil during the cutting process in the formation of high melting point metal surface sulfide, and at high temperatures is not easy to damage, has the good lubrication, and cooling effect to a certain extent, is generally used in difficult material such as stainless steel, titanium alloy stamping tensile process. Fourth, using efficient way of blanking ( 1) Shearing blanking is to use the guillotine cut out the shape of the graph width size. If there are punching and cutting Angle, then punch combination punching and cutting Angle of mould. ( 2) Punch blanking is to use punch points step or more open after the tablet on plate parts structure rushed into shape. Its advantage is short hours of high efficiency, will often used in mass production. ( 3) Nc blanking the first map of writing into the content of the nc machine tools can recognize. Make it according to the programming of the flat structure shape cutting out. ( 4) Laser cutting is the use of laser cutting way, in a piece of sheet, general structure of the tablet shape cut out. Five, the design of punch stamping work procedure of the general press Angle of punching and cutting, punching, blanking, convex hull, impact and torn, pumping holes, etc. , need to have the corresponding mold to complete the operation. Additional bending process need a folding bed and corresponding bending mould to complete the operation, the design principle is the priority of the next step of operation does not produce interference. 6, complete fastening parts process ( 1) Pressure riveting process usually by press or hydraulic pressure riveting machine to complete the operation, the fasteners riveted to the sheet metal parts, pressure riveting has often used pressure riveting riveting nut, stud, pressure riveting screws, etc. ( 2) Flanging tapping process is in a small hole on the smoke into a larger hole then tapping on the suction hole. Doing this can increase the strength to avoid sliding tooth, commonly used in thickness thin workpiece, when the thickness is bigger then we do not need flanging tapping directly. Seven, subsequent assembly process step ( 1) Welding is to compound with multiple parts, achieve the purpose of processing or seam welding in order to increase the strength of individual parts. ( 2) With an average of phosphating film surface treatment, electroplating color zinc, chromate, painting, oxidation and so on. The choice of the way it deals with the concrete surface is according to demand. ( 3) Assembly is to multiple parts or components according to certain way to group together, make it become a complete material goods. Precision metal stamping parts processing step has a lot of, the staff should learn more about each step of the matters needing attention, the strict operation standard. And the number of processes should also conform to the enterprise existing modelling ability and the condition of stamping equipment. Model-making abilities should be able to meet the requirements of mould processing and assembly accuracy increase, otherwise can only increase the number of processes.
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