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Precision metal stamping parts processing from time to tome what will affect its quality

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Precision stamping parts production and processing of the specifications of the big, like complex, precision is high. Could be used in the shipbuilding industry, medical industry and aerospace. Precision stamping is a link in the manufacturing industry is necessary, so for the regulation of precision stamping parts is very high. In the whole process of precision stamping parts production and processing, unavoidable some goods quality closes nevertheless, the order is to suffer the harm of what elements? 1. If raw material processing factory for quality control of raw materials is not strict, and using leftover bits of material to manufacture goods, precision stamping parts can not consider the regulation of precision machining, and unqualified problems will occur. 2. Hardware mold grinding tool is to make sure that the shape and size precision stamping work clothes, design of its manufacturing level is closely related to precision stamping parts quality. Without technology professional mould factory production out of the hardware mold, although looks no problem, can also be normal application, but productivity, precision and service life are all affected by very big, go out with these technical professional mold factory production and manufacturing of grinding tool are not a level. 3. Delivery of goods in the whole process of shipping, you must do a good job in packaging. Abound in the manufacturer immediately with bags of casual bag, walk on the road like that unavoidable appear goods scrape. 4. Program flow in the whole process of precision stamping parts production and processing, if not in accordance with the appropriate ways of feeding, or is not in accordance with the appropriate frequency to feed, that will lead to not pass the quality of the products. To pass the precision stamping parts, manufacturing is not only to choose cost-effective raw materials, grinding tool, to ensure operation process according to the program flow, to prevent incorrect. And the company must have a set of detailed system management, to create extreme precision stamping production. A: metal stamping parts inspection in each process
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