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Precision mold downward bending principle solutions

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Precision mold downward bending principle solution precision mold - bending mode - - - - - Must punch way to fold the Angle you want. ( Below can give you a good understanding) At this time, some people will ask: why not use precision mold stripper to directly insert molding? Well, let me explain in detail with you. After pressure is expected to bend, unable to pinpoint because of material movement, deformation likely, trace corrective work station, as the extent of the punch forming the required as large as possible. We encountered, locating pin in the stripper, forming the child height will be higher than the effective length of the needle positioning, without positioning under the situation of forming, its location is difficult to guarantee. ( Supply pictures, let you seconds to understand) The effect on accuracy for punch punch forming ( Heat bilges cold shrink, parallelism, crankshaft axis clearance) Change, if it is shaping up or 'Z' words forming, stripper forming stability than punch! Now, you can easily understand precision mould principle of bending down, more precise explanation: please click on the url.
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