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Precision mold four types of business

by:Fortuna     2021-02-03
Precision mold enterprise management type mainly has four kinds: contracting type, half contracting type, its type, individual family. 1. Contracting contract model is to be one of the most original mould, which some mould manufacturer first received the order, and then quote making mold master, let them fully in charge of the mould manufacturing. From receiving orders to mould shipment, intermediate manufacturers don't participate in mould manufacturing process, unless the customer wants to change of mould, manufacturers to negotiate with the maker. Manufacturer is only responsible for the final product inspection process of the mould and die mould inspection before shipment. The faults of this kind of mold, mold the extension of the processing cycle, reduce the die life, quality, precision, also can't guarantee. But for the enterprise to facilitate management. Caused the main reason is because the mold factory to get a good profit on the mould, so the maker to the price pressure is too low, and the manufacturers in order to get higher profits can only lower the cost of the mold by, reduce the cost for mould processing time at the same time, the machining accuracy, the selection of materials. 。 。 。 。 。 There is no guarantee that. This also is the reason why die mold why low-standard industry is given priority to. 2. Half a contracting type some mold factory have not reached a certain size, after receive your order, your own processing equipment to provide the mold processing. So the mould manufacturing process is part of the cost of raw materials or processing fee provided by the manufacturer first, manufacturers also will provide mould structure or the 3 d data, and then to offer to do the mold master. Manufacturers will from time to time in the process of manufacturing of mould processing progress tracking, also after the mould test for product inspection and mold inspection before shipment. Such mould management type of advantage: to ensure mold processing progress, for the life of the mold can meet customer requirements. Mainly because in the process of making molds manufacturing mold person don't have to worry about to save the problem of material or tooling cost problem, as long as considering the mould processing time on the adjustment, quality assurance. Weakness: the accuracy and quality often can not meet the customer's demand. Because the manufacturer has failed to provide the good equipment, some machining can only on the outside, and outside processing too pursuit of speed, so the machining precision and quality have ignored for the mould manufacturing process will bring some unnecessary trouble. This kind of mold while also facilitate management. 3. Produced such is aimed at a certain scale mould manufacturer, they own a set of complete mold manufacturing equipment, complete ability to sell, from mold design to mold manufacturing, and the mold shipment all solution in the factory. So no matter from the mold manufacturing cycle, precision mold life, precision, quality can give guarantees. Dongguan precision type is produced, the customer from the United States, Italy and other countries. This enterprise is very few, from precision mould price is quite high. So customers are also some large domestic enterprises or foreign well-known enterprises. 4. Individual family mould manufacturing type in addition to the above several, there is another type, they are not after mold manufacturer directly but soho oneself to mold, this type has a benefit is the mould price is cheaper, time can ensure that quality is the same as half a contract type. But this class without some sort of security for the customer. General and acquaintances. Precision mould to above four types of business, customers can according to the cost of the mould, life cycle, should choose different quality of different manufacturers. In this way can reduce the mold cost, improve the quality of mold, reduce the cycle of the mould. Precision contact: wish you a prosperous business, and treasures will be plentiful, if want to know more dynamic, can scan the qr code, pay attention to the public. , is committed to precision stamping processing factory of the world's most professional electronic components
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