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Precision mold machining and the integrity of the benefits

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Precision mold machining and the integrity of the compromise, this is what we don't expect to see. UG has a unified solution, a single user interface, data structure, tight integration model is interoperability, relevance, make a design change to get fast response, can deal with complex model, direct scan data processing, support and line project. Thus greatly improved production efficiency. The understanding of the high speed machining, as well as in some of the practical work experience, personally think that the safety of high speed machining is the priority. Usually summarize the experience of the above we can see that in the safe production of high quality, efficient UG as I have trusted software, have always been able to meet our requirements of high speed machining, and is suitable for all kinds of processing environment, brought high benefit for our production. High-speed precision mold processing and the influence of the factors influencing the quality and stability of the high speed machining is significant, and UG is an integration of CAD CAM software, has a single data source, and the relevance, it is fundamentally to eliminate the influence of data exchange. Usually consists of a CAD system design, and then switch to another CAD system to supplement design and processing. Every time for data transmission, all need to transform geometric shapes from one format to another format, this often at the expense of the lower precision. Some CAM software entities must be converted into surface, with even the damaged and lost. A: stamping mould acceptance standard
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