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Precision mold maintenance functions

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Precision mold maintenance function precision mould maintenance function is the mass production mould in long-term quantity during because parts wear, aging or abnormal damage occurs to cause loss of production capacity, on the structure and the precision of the recovery, to have mass production requirements. Generally requires precision mold repair case 1) 。 Product size NG. 2) 。 Bad appearance of products ( Scratch, indentation, burrs, fan, etc. ) ; 3) 。 Product process stability; 4) 。 Mould parts abnormal damage; Maintenance standard formulation principle 1) 。 Maintenance quality is stable and reliable, long life. 2) Maintenance inputs ( Spare parts, repair) Less, low cost 3) 。 4) high maintenance efficiency, saves time and effort 。 Maintenance process is simple easy to operate, easy to learn 5) 。 Safe operation ( Personal, equipment) Mold repair standardized objective 1) 。 Improve the quality of maintenance of 2) 。 Improve maintenance efficiency of 3) 。 Save the maintenance spare parts, reduce the maintenance cost (4) 。 Unified technique, facilitate communication and cooperation work. 5) 。 Conducive to mold maintenance technology of 6) 。 To quickly develop mold repair manpower
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