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Precision of shield material and packing

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Shield, English name: shields cover/case/bracket. Is composed of leg and cover body, leg and cover for the active connection; The cover body is a square. Precision shield is mainly used in mobile phones, GPS and other fields, is to prevent electromagnetic interference, EMI) And components on the PCB and LCM shielding effect. Categories: fixed, with SMT soldering directly to the PCB board; Detachable with structure and LCM, combination of or directly using the protrusions on the shielding_cover buckle in shielding_frame. Material: precision shield materials commonly used 0. 2 mm thick of stainless steel and the copper material, in which the copper is a kind of easy tin metal shielding material. This is mainly because the copper on the welding, heat and steam is better. Precision shield packaging for SMT, conventional choice blister packaging. In blister, the design should pay attention to the following two questions: 1: place the shielding cover tray activity space is too big, can't learn, easy to swing when the patch must be placed in the tray material, there are 1. 0 mm activity space, cause material of swing is too big, too small to take material may not be able to take up. 2: the precision of the shielding cover material taking points to appropriate size, feeding point is in the middle of the material as far as possible, the size of the discharge point is best Φ 6. 0 mm, feeding point is, the greater the stability of the patch is higher, the higher the efficiency.
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