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Precision rivet rivet/bad/rivet judgment standard

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Rivet/bad/precision rivet rivet rivet judgment standard is switch socket indispensable parts, socket adopts copper is the integration of the socket, using continuous mold process, selection of high quality tin phosphor copper and high precision forming in one time and avoid excessive rivet contacts, reduces the resistance of the material itself, to reduce the fracture and rivet rivet contact part of the fever, fundamentally eliminate the rivet contact affect the quality of future trouble, significantly enhance the security performance of the socket. Next, let's look at the surface of the rivet, what are the bad points, is not to be: rivet surface embossing: rivet rivet surface broken surface scratch: rivet surface coating: rivet surface depression: a rivet, OK is the shape of:
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