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Precision stamping 2018 year-end review

by:Fortuna     2021-02-07
Precision stamping processing founder Mr Huang Panfeng message: in 2018, the external environment is very bad, but the opportunities and challenges have been intertwined, uphold the spirit of craftsmen, we with high service, high quality, creates the best performing a year, this heartfelt thank people's hard work again. Yield rate and target evaluation content mainly includes business, internal system optimization, how to achieve a: business achieve rate ( 1) Set a goal for 18 years needs to grow by 30% in 2017. After statistics shipment statistics, sales. And set the target according to 18 years in sales growth of 30% in 2019. ( 2) From a professional connector metal stamping plant, as the ascension of the business, expand to many potential industry, line for the micro motor, precision holes, the connector industry customers, has already formed the industry advantage, product advantages. ( 3) : 18 years involved in the research and design of a famous brand in 5 g chip in new energy power battery and IC packaging market have a breakthrough. In 19 years increase development investment, for the hand a little charge, don't even charge to help customers more quickly preempted market to improve the internal system ( 1) 17 years, set independent of the human resources department, draw lessons from the management system of euro-american business enterprise, and cooperate with the supervision departments to ISO, the implementation of IATF. ( 2) Internal personnel technical training effect is remarkable, 18 years within the new jin three technicians. In the coming year will be increased proportion, improve the whole engagement of employees ( 3) Training effect is remarkable, the production department's per capita ChanZhiLv, defective rate up to standard of quality assurance department. Customer complaint rate up to standard. Major quality abnormal number of 0. ( 4) Each department training at least once a week different themes, the actual yield rate are 80% 90% in the year and in the coming year to set up rewards and punishment, each department must reach 100%, will train as work habits. 3: in the coming year planning ( 1) : the number of business development at the same time, growth than to business growth lower half, which focuses on increasing technical, quality class, after class, to improve customer satisfaction. ( 2) : better to update the machine, will start falling some stability punch machine update into Taiwan or Japan, through the machine to increase production capacity, reduce labor costs. 18 years new plus three big tonnage the planer puncher, improved the tensile capacity. The 19th annual meeting of the updated according to the business direction is more suitable for vehicle power battery, 5 g part of punch ( New 160 t and 110 t punch)
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