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Precision stamping and punching the analysis of the causes of bad appearance of net - precision

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
In trial-produce precision stamping and punching net, often look bad? Some causes of bad appearance? The author tell you today! Precision stamping causes of bad appearance are: jump bruised, cuttings, stamps, burrs, material, bending clearance, bending mould scratch, round hole, deformation. The cause of the jump chip crushed: blade gap is too big, cutting oil and choose oil; Between punch and blade in the vacuum formed when high speed cutting; The punch cutting depth; Blanking shape is simple; Mesh not demagnetization. Cuttings reasons: improper punching and shearing clearance, under heavy cutting, burrs is too large, punch edge collapse scrape, bending die. Stamps and burrs reasons: stripper milling machine processing position without chamfering, strip edge, punch wear or crash; Fitting clearance of blade and punch is wrong; Turn and bending clearance reason: wrong fitting clearance of blade and punch, box processing position is not allowed. Bending die abrasion reasons: bending precision stamping head transition R Angle is small. Material: round hole guiding face section of the length of the needle, Round hole if there is a flash; The size of the gap between guide plate and strip; Guide plate of the teeth and guided needle distance size; Round hole and guide the clearance of the needle is reasonable; The length of the feeding interval; Whether the machining accuracy to meet the design requirements; Press too fast. Reason: no trimming, material flash; Template flash; Strip is too weak; Convex hull shape; The mold clean, eliminate the stamps and crushed; Precision metal stamping parts.
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