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Precision stamping die burst of attention ( Below)

by:Fortuna     2021-02-04
1. Precision stamping mold working parts machining process must prevent the grinding burn parts surface phenomenon, should strictly control the grinding process conditions and process method 2. Interlining, crack, impact scar and other macroscopic defects. The existence of these defects can lead to stress concentration, become the root cause of fracture, causing premature failure of the mould 3. Adopting grinding, fine grinding and polishing finishing and processing, to obtain the smaller surface roughness value, improve the service life of the mold. Design process: die strength is not enough, the edge distance is too close, the die structure is unreasonable, the template blocks without enough plate support, mould guide, unreasonable gap 5. Precision stamping mold precision of steering mechanism, accurate and reliable guide to reduce wear and tear of the mold parts, avoid has enormous influence on the convex and concave die face injury, especially no clearance blanking die, compound die, and small clearance and multistep progressive die are more effective. To improve the die life, must according to the nature of the process and parts precision requirements, such as guiding correct choice form and determine the precision of steering mechanism. In general, the precision of steering mechanism should be higher than that of convex and concave mould with pin. 6. The mold ( Convex and concave die) Blade geometry parameters of convex and concave die shape, fit clearance and fillet radius on stamping forming not only has great influence, but also greatly influenced for mould wear and life. Such as mold fitting clearance blanking pieces directly affect the quality and die life. High precision requirements, appropriate chooses the smaller gap value; The opposite can be appropriately increased clearance, in order to improve the precision stamping die life 7. Line die cutting process of blade with wire-cutting processing. Due to heating and electrolysis wire-cutting processing, precision stamping die processing surface produces a certain thickness of metamorphic layer, which reduces the surface hardness, such as microcrack, die in wire-cutting processing is easily occurred early wear, directly affect the maintain of die blanking clearance and blade is easy to collapse edge, shorten the service life of the mold. In wire-cutting processing, therefore, should choose reasonable electric gauge, minimize the metamorphic layer depth. 8. Stamping process of stamping parts raw material thickness tolerance error, material performance fluctuation, the surface quality is bad or not clean, will cause the working parts of the precision stamping die wear, easy to collapse edge. 1) As far as possible using stamping manufacturability of good raw materials, to reduce the stamping deformation force; 2) Before stamping should strictly check the grades of raw materials, thickness and surface quality, etc. , and scraped clean raw materials, surface oxides and rust should be removed when necessary; 3) According to the stamping process and stamping raw material type, if necessary, can arrange softening treatment and surface treatment, and choose the right lubricants and lubrication process. Precision contact: wish you a prosperous business, everything goes well, if you want to learn more dynamic, can scan the qr code, pay attention to the public. , is committed to precision stamping processing factory of the world's most professional electronic components
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