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Precision stamping die of producing copper solutions - -

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Precision stamping die of producing copper solutions - - A cause analysis: precision stamping die punch and uneven blade gap leads to the formation of a single side too small secondary shear solution grinding blade and actual situation in accordance with the terminal 2: analysis of the causes to adjust the fit clearance precision stamping die blade passivation is so high, burrs forming echoed under copper wire solution: grinding blade to remove burrs cause analysis three: precision stamping die long blade with a valid must have low or not enough countermeasures: part way regrinding and guarantee the seat height is T + 0. Twenty four reason analysis: the forming punch chamfering is insufficient, scrape copper wire solution: forming punch chamfering, to wear the dowel PIN, or floating materials and floating height below the forming punch, is expected to bring forward the scrape copper wire. Related parts to replace, ensure strip move forward without interference
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