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【 Precision stamping factory 】 - Stainless steel shell is introduced

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Stainless steel shell is very widely used in machinery and electronics industry an elastic element, stainless steel shrapnel when loading can produce large elastic deformation, the mechanical work or kinetic energy is converted into deformation energy, and disappeared shrapnel deformation after unloading and return to its original state, will be deformation can be converted into mechanical work or kinetic energy. Complex and varied stainless steel shrapnel, according to the shape of points, mainly has spiral shell, turbination shrapnel shrapnel, plate, etc. Stainless steel shell is commonly used in 1. Control the movement of the machine, such as the engine valve of shrapnel, clutch control of shrapnel, etc. 2. Absorb vibration and impact energy, such as under the car, train carriages of buffer shrapnel, coupling of vibration absorbing shrapnel, etc. 3. Storage and output energy as power, such as clocks shrapnel, shrapnel in the gun etc. 4. Used as the load components, such as force-measuring device, shrapnel shrapnel in the scale etc. The ratio of the load and deformation of the stainless steel shrapnel called shrapnel stiffness, the stiffness, the greater the harder the shrapnel. According to the mechanical properties of the shell can be divided into tensile shrapnel, compression shrapnel, reverse bending shrapnel shrapnel and, according to the shape can be divided into the dish shrapnel, annular shell, shrapnel, spiral shell, truncated cone vortex roll of shrapnel and torsion bar shrapnel, etc. Ordinary cylindrical shell because of its simple manufacture, and can be made into various types according to the load situation, simple structure, is the most widely used. The manufacture of the stainless steel shrapnel materials in general should have high elastic limit, fatigue limit, impact toughness and good heat treatment performance, commonly used have alloy shell, carbon shell steel, stainless steel shrapnel steel and copper alloy, nickel alloy and rubber, etc. Shrapnel of manufacturing methods of cold rolled and hot rolled method. Shrapnel silk with cold volume method is generally less than 8 mm in diameter, with hot volume method is greater than 8 mm. Some stainless steel shrapnel after made to crush or shot peening treatment, can improve the bearing capacity of the shrapnel.
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