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Precision stamping how to reduce the springback in the bending

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Precision stamping how to reduce the springback in bending: bend the material is under bending moment of the deformation of machining method, so the precision stamping parts subjected to bending moment of the bending stress is generated. The stress distribution in sheet metal is bounded in the facade. The lateral tensile stress, the medial to compressive stress. Once the removal of bending moment, reply material through the elastic deformation to the moment balance state. Compared with the standard shape of workpiece, will produce certain open outward or inward tilt of the phenomenon. This phenomenon is called elastic recovery deformation. Factors affecting the amount of springback are: parts material, thickness, the size of the impact force, mould and stellate. Because of the presence of these elements, so if you consider the nature of the sound and the springback, it is easy to find the reasons of the springback phenomenon, and then stopped for the reason. The root cause of the springback is done after bending processing materials, bending part is uneven and stress. If this part will be uneven stress into a uniform stress, that is, the whole section is for compressive or tensile stress, can decrease the springback amount. However, some parts of deformation have special requirements, such as unfavorable impression, it must be in the design and process of the precision stamping take considerable scheme. A: the design principle of stamping parts
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