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Precision stamping materials stamping performance and technical requirements

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
Stamping parts can be divided into regular and precise, including precision stamping is after stamping, extrusion, rolling, welding, cutting and a series of the stamping process of manufacturing. Can see, the manufacture of precision stamping parts is difficult, because to meet the requirements of production, achieve good product forming effect, the stamping materials have higher requirements. As the precision of stamping parts stamping material, the first to have good stamping performance, easy to get high quality and high accuracy precision stamping parts, for production and processing. The limits of a stamping process and material deformation degree and the total limit deformation degree are big enough, to improve production efficiency. Stamping materials cannot, of course, for the precision stamping parts, precision stamping die cause the larger losses and wear and tear, otherwise it is easy to appear, affect the precision stamping parts production. In addition to the stamping performance, precision stamping parts stamping materials shall meet the relevant technical requirements, for example, used for stamping precision stamping material thickness tolerance should accord with a standard, different mould clearance is suitable for the different thickness of the material, if the material thickness tolerance is too big, not only directly affect the quality of salt pieces, may also cause the damage of the mould or press. And should have high surface quality and surface clean level off, without scale, crack, rusty spot, defects such as scratch and stratified, which was not easily broken when processing, also not easy to scratch the mold, stamping parts of the surface quality. Good plasticity is also one of the technological requirements of precision stamping materials, including high percentage elongation and percentage reduction of area, the lower the yield narrowing and high tensile strength, high plasticity, can such as large deformation degree, is conducive to stability and deformation uniformity of stamping process and improves the precision stamping forming dimensional accuracy. In addition, but also measure precision stamping parts stamping material in response to mechanical joint and continue processing aspects of the ability to adapt, it will also affect the use of the stamping performance and quality.
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