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Precision stamping on the surface of the detection and methods of the solution of the deformation

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Along with the market in the increasing demand for precision stamping parts, precision stamping parts processing manufacturers more and more, once again, under the situation to ensure the quality of products, it must to test the production molding precision stamping parts, avoid some unqualified products into the market, and damage the interests of the users. To touch the test in the first place, to use clean gauze before you begin the test will wipe away dirt on the surface of the precision stamping parts, stamping and then along the vertical surface touch, touch up to level off is smooth surface is qualified products. Second is to use an oil way to test the precision stamping parts, the oil evenly on the entire surface of the stamping parts, and then put it in bright light test, then can be easily found if surface defects such as minor pitting. If found in the process of detection precision stamping parts have the deformation? To be sure, this is at the time of processing precision stamping parts, punching parts, then need to study and also need to keep an eye on the inspection of blanking clearance is reasonable. If it's because when bending caused by the instability of stamping parts, so need to U V bending for processing; May also be problem of precision stamping parts before bending guide, guide a slip caused by, you will need to from under the impact load of material to solve. To sum up, in order to get the required precision, precision stamping parts surface quality and shape structure can be flawed. To achieve this goal, in addition to choose high quality raw materials, correct the correct use of stamping process and equipment are included, such as the number of master.
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