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Precision stamping parts and custom metal stamping

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
TSMC is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing high-precision parts (or called precision stamping parts). We can form many different shapes according to round, rectangular, flat, wedge-shaped materials and many custom requirements. , We produce parts for a wide range of customer applications, and provide various sizes and materials. From small parts with a width of 0.05mm to small parts with a thickness of 0.02mm, we provide usable materials of stainless steel and special metal alloys, as well as our internal surface treatment or assembly work, and also provide engineering support from preliminary design to manufacturing. TSMC has added robotic laser welding capabilities to expand its welding capabilities. Laser welding is an accurate, clean and flexible choice, so it can provide cost-effective and flexible applications for achieving high-quality welding. It can reduce the overall welding time, reduce deformation and reduce the use of consumables. Our in-house engineering department can cooperate with our customers and provide engineering solutions for your parts and components, which can solve many engineering problems that require extreme welding. Customized design and engineering services Electronic stamping parts as a full-service manufacturer, TSMC provides complete manufacturing services. Our engineering team can provide customers with customized parts with unique dimensions, functions and surface treatments, as well as meet the needs of production applications Of the complete subassembly. Our experienced engineers can work with customers' engineers to recommend manufacturing methods, materials, tolerances and the completion process from idea to product delivery. One-stop partner As always, we are committed to providing quality products and services. Our services include: 1. Springs, precision metal parts and plastic injection parts manufacturing. 2. CNC lathe processing a variety of shaft parts. 3. Product surface treatment: PVD, CVD, TELFLON coating, parylene coating, etc. 4. Precision laser cutting, laser welding, laser engraving services 5. CNC milling precision processing. 6. Combination and assembly of springs, metal precision and/or plastic injection parts. Applied to TSMC, our precision stamping parts are widely used in solar equipment, medical equipment, aerospace equipment, electronic components, cooling modules, LCD industry, wireless/telecom equipment and other digital equipment.
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