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Precision stamping parts used in the design layout need to pay attention to the continuous mode?

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
Precision stamping parts mostly small and exquisite, is applied to the on the market is very broad, such as new smartphones, small and medium-sized electrical appliances, semiconductor applications, these products on the application of stamping parts, most of us adopt the way of continuous mold to manufacture, because of the high quantities and quality requirements, so according to our design, and layout design of the progressive dies which aspects need to consider? Authors discuss with everybody learn today: similar to the semiconductor precision stamping parts, we ask for mould good rigidity, high precision progressive die general mold frame, the die structure can be designed into four modules, such as: blanking, drawing, tapping, shaping, etc. ; Formulate the reasonable location DuanBiTuiYuan, considering influence of stamping the cumulative error; If there are any complex form a hole, we need to break down into a number of simple hole multistep blanking, custom reasonable interval, to adapt to the location of the die strength and module; Due to the precision stamping parts with a variety of processes, each process has to be in a certain order, to help the accurate of next working procedure; Under the reasonable arrangement of guide pin hole position to adapt to the precision of the stamping parts; Precision stamping and feeding body should have sufficient strength, to ensure that the material in straight to the stamping process, makes the pressure center of progressive die and the pressure of the press center is consistent, also want to consider the utilization rate of material to save cost. 【 Relevant recommendation 】 Details: precision stampings is applied to the continuous mold design layout need to pay attention to what? Details: suzhou precision metal stamping parts production mold problem analysis to know the details of the punch rupture: stamping parts demand of medical equipment, are you ready?
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