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Precision stamping processing factory tell you press operation matters needing attention

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
In the stamping process, must pay attention to safety, don't careless, think doesn't matter. Safety first, if one didn't follow-up all becomes zero without any meaning. In the process of processing stampings must operate according to working instruction. Stamping processing used in high speed punch when must pay attention to the following: 1, press the slider in the process of operation and adjust the height, met and rod material is strictly prohibited. 2, remove or open the flywheel rotating and sliding cover, it is strictly prohibited. 3, in the process of punch press slider work and slider adjustment height, banned the hand between the upper die and lower die. 4, within the scope of the permission to continue to travel for the following use. 5, two-handed button must use both hands press 2 buttons at the same time. 6, when press the slider motion fails, immediately press the stop button to stop punching the slider, according to the responsible officer under the guidance of treatment failure. 7, use both hands operation ( Safe trip) Manually open indirect production. Do not use ( Inching) Or continuous process. 8, in the press the slider is running, don't come into the punch. In 9, photoelectric safety device ( On ( Invalid) Position, stop; Grille, retainer, exit ( Invalid) 、( Valid) The key switch on ( Invalid) Position, also want to stop. 10, confirmed the photoelectric safety device is not in the invalid state, the operation method is a safe method, management keys to the punch, and security device, please. Photoelectric safety device key storage, it is necessary to personnel designated by the manager. 11, before starting work, check the punch surrounding, shall remain the operator of the other and shall not put any obstacle suspected. Ban on the workbench to put tools and other things. 12, the use of external operation socket, want to confirm the reoccupy after normal safety device. 13, before treatment before failure, or removal of waste, or to replace or adjust the mould and so on, need the hand between the upper die and lower die, be sure to use the bed instructions. 14, before using the precision stamping process, examination and daily inspection must be conducted. Found the abnormal situation, report or deal with immediately.
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