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Precision stamping progressive model

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Precision stamping progressive model point 1) Stamping production to high. Precision progressive die stamping can complete large parts of blanking, flanging forming, bending, drawing, three-dimensional and device technology, eliminated center of transshipment and repeated positioning, number and location target growth does not affect the production of obedience, can strike a small fine parts. 2) Manipulation of the safe and reliable. Progressive die precision stamping manipulator when don't have to dig its hand deeper into the mould damage area. For mass production, but also accept the initiative conveying mechanism, the mold is equipped with reliable detection device. 3) Die life long. Huge anatomy in shape and form, that is, for the simplicity of convex die and concave die shape, block of successive cutting, how many processes can be evacuated in location, meet in the process of regional space, can also set to stop the wall thickness is too small, the topic of convex and concave die, change the stress of the convex, concave, strengthen the intensity of mould. Acceptance of stripper plate and the progressive die do punch guide plate, the precision die life is also very good. 4) Product quality is high. Progressive die precision all finish product in a pair of mould forming process, avoid the with Jane 単 die when positioning the manipulation stability and cumulative deviation for many times. 5) Due to the layout of progressive die than large force, with manufacturing capability is higher, at the same time, the material utilization rate is low, but as a result of progressive die to produce high obedience, press the number, the necessary control workers and workshop covers an area of less, eliminated semi-product for storage and transportation, thus product components of the comprehensive production cost is not high. 6) Layout of progressive die for large, high skill levels, plan big mobility, difficult; Resume, speculation and visual things in our planning and manufacturing capacity is much, people make time, long; Unified the differences between the product parts can have a variety of plans, the mobility of a program; Plan and longer production cycle, high capability, practical in batch production. Precision progressive die stamping is also affected by product parts size limit, product size shoulds not be too big.
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