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Precision stamping technology application in automobile technology

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
Stamping parts delivery enterprises forward and auto industry is more and more closely linked together. The stamping machine delivery maker to adapt the new product research and development, the scheme concept mediation to develop the necessary direction of the auto industry, and this trend is also involved in the strategy of their birth. To stamping line delivery of research and development of stamping line delivery, transfer and used in automobile side delivery large vacuum feeding stamping machine tool production into the market is a type of small vacuum feeding punch all this kind of car industry and the erosion of the close of the joint venture between punch delivery enterprises model. Diversification of alive bound auto mould and mould change short cycle varies large, represented by stamping with the birth of manufacturer also found everyone back xintiandi. Mould diversity makes the car industry enterprise outline for more labor supply model of the car, to stamping process skills at the same time puts forward a new application, has brought the chassis stamping process skills and car plate delivery process varies. Old, when looking for stamping varies skills necessary, people do not only think to large stamping parts stamping car delivery, and also want to think about the outline of the small micro stamping parts delivery. These small, micro stamping parts in automobile frame delivery overview and the proportion of perhaps 70%. Even though the upgrading of small stamping parts don't like big automotive spare parts for many times, but they are to die in childbirth in the process of diversity is also at risk. The diversity of the mould is not only bring the product delivery number of cuts, also has brought the stamping product market structure to leave each other. The previous: plastic wood card buckle the composition of the stainless steel is introduced
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