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Precision terminal definition and structure

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Precision terminal definition and structure of the wide application of electronic industry all the time with our work and way of life, the following will introduce the definition and structure of precision terminal: precision terminal definition 1. 1 terminal is made up of copper alloy after high-speed continuous stamping die or single engineering die processed products, terminal connector is the core of the complete electrical connection parts. 1. 2 generally consists of positive and negative contact piece of contact, through Yin and Yang contact is inserted and complete electrical connection is positive contact with a rigid parts, its shape is cylindrical, Round pin) , square column, The pin) Or flat shape ( Insert) 。 1. 3 positive contact is generally made from brass and phosphor bronze. Negative is jack, it is the key contact for parts, it depends on the elastic structure in elastic deformation with pin inserted timeliness and produce elastic force and positive contact form close contact, complete the connection. 1. Jack has a variety of structures, there cylinder type ( Split groove, reducing) , a tuning fork type, cantilever type ( The longitudinal slot) , folding type, Longitudinal grooving, 9 glyph) , box ( Square sockets) And the hyperboloid wire spring socket, etc. 1. 5 also known as shell, shell is the connector cover, it is built-in insulation installation plate and pin to provide mechanical protection, and provide the plug and socket inserted right alignment, then to fix the connector on the device. The hardware structure of terminal 1. 6 have cylindrical, square, arc, cantilever beam, bifurcate, branch type, male female parts, spade, precision stamping factory for precision terminal customer product requirements and special performance, using the best quality raw materials, in machining process, strictly to the size of the customer's requirements, welcome contact us! High-precision medical terminal high-precision car terminal high-precision wire terminals
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