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Precision terminal long stitch deflection of four major causes

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Precision terminal slender pins causes of deflection of many precision terminal parts in electrical and electronic products, the server-side subclass part has a large number of fine and long stitches, the cross section width and thickness is close to 1 or more than 1, precision terminal parts often need to group assembly is used, the overall dimensions and the position of the parts in the coil, demanding, exist a large number of narrow gap blanking parts stamping. Progressive die parts demand is big, need to adopt precision high-speed stamping production. Precision terminal slender pins in high-speed stamping production often finished needle deviating from the center line of the ideal situation, mainly caused by the following reasons: ( 1) Unstable pressure material: thin stitching terminal parts in the layout design, generally USES the first blunt terminal side slit, and at the other side slit mode of multi-step blanking. This ensures convenient layout punch and the die strength, but can make a step after one side of the terminal pressure when the cutting material surface is too small, cause pressure instability phenomenon, resulting in the deflection of precision terminal pins. ( 2) Uneven blanking clearance of blade wear or unilateral: blanking terminal convex and concave die clearance on either side of the pins are not equal or unilateral blade wear, because of the different amount of imbalance, the springback blanking force or after cutting edges on both sides of the stress conditions such as different reasons. Terminal stitch deflection of easy to appear after cutting. ( 3) Diamond precision terminal pins section: when the edge of concave die is lower than the concave on the surface or concave template template surface is not usual, terminal pins will be crushed, common is cross section into a diamond. When bending, terminal pins in the reverse happens under the action of the force that press a material, after the bending deflection of the cross section is terminal the deflection of the stitches. ( 4) Precision terminal pins by elastic deflection of crushed cause: when the concave mold surface is clean, no terminal pins are easy to be residual debris, small waste such as the deflection of foreign body bruised and happen.
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