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Precision terminal mold waste plugging holes ( C)

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Precision terminal mold waste causes and solutions of plugging holes: reason: small or blanking blanking hole hole deviation solution: increase the blanking hole, smooth reason: blanking blanking hole chamfering scheme: increase the blanking hole purify chamfering: put taper blade not plan: wire cutting taper or reduce the length of a straight wall opposite expanded hole: a long blade straight wall scheme: reverse drilling, shortening blade straight wall a reason: edge collapse, causing the beatles feng, plugging material plan: to grinding blade precision with a large technical team and well-trained, working time more than 15 years experience of 8 precision terminal mold designers, mold manufacturing and maintenance master more than fifty. Precision contact: wish you a prosperous business, and treasures will be plentiful, if want to know more dynamic, can scan the qr code, pay attention to the public. , is committed to precision stamping processing factory of the world's most professional electronic components
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