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Precision terminal shear plane to improve process

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
General terminals with copper rolling surface matching terminal contact conduction, but when the connector reduced PITCH ( As the PITCH = 1. 0 mm or 0. 5毫米) And terminal might have to the shear plane as the conduction of the contact surfaces. At that moment, shear faces for copper percentage and shear surface roughness will most likely be asked to achieve a high standard ( If 80% of the shear plane) 。 In the face of such shear plane problem, stamping in the mold design to use those methods, consider what condition to overcome? In this case, we should take shear section, the process is as follows: ( A) First as early embryo blanking section, local area reserved about ( 0. 10mm,0. 06mm,0. 04mm) Material width. ( B) Further refinement of material section. To be seen: ( 1) Discharging the reserved material width of early embryo size influence on shear percentage after finishing. ( 2) Refinement of shearing clearance on the influence of two of the following features: - - After finishing the integrity of the residues. - - Percent of thickness shear plane. ( 3) Will finishing punch polishing treatment of local area to improve the terminal shear effect of surface roughness. Dongguan plastic hardware electronic co. , LTD is a professional precision metal stamping plant. Focus on precision metal, precision stamping, precision terminals, connectors, hardware electronics production of metal stamping parts processing factory! Consultation: 18925751491 li
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