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Precision terminal stamping process issues

by:Fortuna     2021-04-23
The precision terminal stamping process will encounter situations where the punching size is too large or too small, and there is an error with the size of the punch. In addition to considering the design dimensions of the forming convex and the concave mold, the processing accuracy and the blanking gap, the following should also be considered Several aspects should be considered to solve: ⑴. When the punching edge is worn, the tensile force of the stamping material will increase, and the tendency of the stamping part to turn over and twist will increase. ⑵. The strong pressure of stamping parts causes plastic deformation of the material, which will cause the punching size to become larger. When the strong pressure is reduced, the size of the punched hole will become smaller. ⑶. The shape of the edge of the punch edge. If the end is trimmed with a bevel or arc, the punching force is not easy to turn over and twist due to the slowing of the punching force, so the punching size will become larger. When the end of the punch is flat, the size of the punching hole will be relatively small. For precision terminal stamping process issues, more stamping knowledge can be explained here:. Precision contact information: Precision wish you all a prosperous business and all the best, if you want to learn more, you can scan the following QR code and follow the official account. , Committed to the world's most professional precision stamping processing plant for electronic parts
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