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Presents six characteristics of China's hardware industry development

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Hardware industry in China since the 1990 s has maintained rapid development, has now become important hardware products in the world superpower, but it is undeniable that China's hardware industry in product research and development, innovation, brand management, marketing management, enterprise scale, financial strength, and many other aspects of hardware with the world famous enterprises there is a larger gap. But believe that through the joint efforts of all parties concerned, these difficulties can be overcome and solve. At present our country has developed a phased development program: by 2010, hardware manufacturing level has improved significantly, some industry into the international advanced level; By 2020, hardware manufacturing industry as a whole has reached the international advanced level. Metal products industry development in our country has huge potential and wide prospect of market, the relevant hardware enterprise should have the courage to meet the challenge, seize market opportunities, with industry development. Hardware products exports surged, comparative advantage is obvious; Capital operation activity, drive the resource sharing between enterprises; Rational enterprise polarization, bring market; High-tech content, improve market competitiveness of products - — — 'Domestic competition internationalization, international competition domestic zed' will be in the next few years the characteristics of metal industry development in China, and will be embodied in the following six aspects, China as the world's hardware manufacturing centre will further stabilize the Chinese economy better facilities, industrial development more mature and lower labor costs, has become a global center of comparative advantage, hardware manufacturing hardware manufacturing export-oriented development characteristics is obvious. Centre to strengthen the first performance in hardware products exports overall growth in recent years, the main hardware products export growth rates are higher than production growth, more higher than the growth rate of the domestic market sales; Main hardware electrical products full flowering, power tools, hand tools, construction hardware products these traditional export growth categories of products is very high. Huge market and center position of gravity will further attract hardware multinational company transfer to China's manufacturing center. Second, the industry capital operation will tend to be more active, cooperation between the enterprises can significantly strengthen in global competition environment, in order to obtain favorable competitive position and improve competitiveness, industrial capital is another theme. From the capital point of view, the current main characteristic is the expansion of the capital increase in. From the point of view of competition, cooperation between enterprises resource sharing are on the rise. 3, hardware enterprise polarization will further intensify over the next few years will be hardware industry high speed oscillation period, the direct result of the high speed shock is led to the current hardware brand camp polarization trend to expand. Is expected in the next few years really able to survive in the market of hardware enterprises absolutely not so much now. But hardware industry the high speed shock will bring huge opportunity, the result of the shock will make more rational market operation. Fourth, the sales channels will occur profound changes, the competition between channels are increasingly fierce on the one hand, manufacturers to strengthen the control of the retail terminal, strive to reduce the sales link, save the cost of sales, sales channels to develop in the direction of specialization, the company sales mode develop in a direction can adapt to various market at the same time. Sales, on the other hand, the development trend of the large chain's status is rising, the control of the industry, participate in and caused mainly by the manufacturer before dominate the price competition. Large retailers with its broad market coverage, procurement scale and cost advantages, in terms of product pricing, payment for goods delivery will be increasingly enhance its capability of control of the production enterprises. At the same time, the international market demand for hardware products in China will gradually change, the quality of Chinese products, packaging, delivery deadline will have higher requirements, and gradually extended to the production process and product research and development, product and environmental protection, energy resources and human environment. Five, the market competition will be given priority to with the price to high quality, high technology content of products, along with the development of competitive hardware industry chain in each phase of the profit space compression, the price of space is decreasing. More and more enterprises realize that competing on price alone cannot establish core competitiveness, is not a long-term development direction, to explore a new development path. Many hardware companies increased the technology investment, the development of new products with high technical content, product differentiation as a long-term solution, the development of the enterprise to seek new market demand, set up new economic growth point, in order to realize the sustainable development of enterprises. Six, the domestic and foreign enterprises will further accelerate the speed of domestic hardware in order to improve its strength, to expand international market faster, will be through a variety of means to speed up and fusion of foreign enterprises in order to improve product quality, improve the competitiveness. Continues to expand at the same time, the United States, Japan and other traditional markets in southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa and so on will fully bloom. In general, the structural adjustment of China's hardware industry will still continue, but at the same time will continue to appear some bright spots. Hardware companies polarized situation will be worse, some don't adapt to market competition, the enterprise will through different channels to exit the market competition, and hardware giant will gradually emerges. A: China science and technology hardware city hardware production commodity lift sales storm
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