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Problem solving in the production of precision stamping parts.


Dongguan Fortuna has summarized some problems that some stamping parts manufacturers will encounter in the production process. After we find a problem, we need to investigate the cause to ensure that the same problem does not occur again. In this article, we will propose some of our solutions based on these problems.

1. The raw materials must be consistent with the required technical standards;

2. The important links required in the process regulations should be strictly followed;

3. The applied work clothes machinery and equipment such as punches and dies should be ensured to work under all normal operating conditions;

4. Strict inspection rules and regulations are established in the whole production process. The first sample of precision stamping parts must be inspected. After the inspection reaches the standard, the capital can be put into production. In addition, the inspection is improved, and when an accident occurs, it must be properly handled;

5. Persist in the production rules and regulations of civilized behavior, such as the transmission of precision stamping parts and blanks must use suitable fixtures, otherwise it will crush and scratch the surface of precision stamping parts and endanger the process performance of the product;

6. During the whole process of the stamping die, it is necessary to ensure that the cavity of the die is cleaned, and the workplace should be neatly organized. The processed precision stamping products should be placed neatly.

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