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Problems and solutions of CNC lathe shaft machining.


1. The dimensional accuracy does not meet the requirements, and there are many reasons for this situation: wrong drawing, improper use of the dial, no need for trial cutting, inaccurate measurement, thermal effect of cutting, etc. After the above problems occur, the solutions are as follows: clearly check the size requirements of the part drawings, use the turntable correctly, perform trial cutting, check and adjust the zero position, and measure correctly, do not measure when the workpiece temperature is high, please use cutting fluid Reduce the temperature.

2. The reason for the taper: the turning tool is gradually worn in the middle; when clamping, the workpiece overhangs for a long time, and the cutting force moves the front end during machining of the CNC lathe shaft. When using the chuck to clamp the longitudinal feed in rotation, the rails of the lathe are not parallel to the axis of the lathe. After the above problems occur, the solutions are as follows: select the appropriate cutting tool material or reduce the cutting speed; reduce the extension length of the workpiece as much as possible, or use the rear center support at the other end to increase the clamping rigidity; adjust the lathe spindle and the lathe guide rail. parallelism.

3. Reasons for unqualified roundness: The clearance of the main shaft of the lathe is too large; the blank allowance is uneven, and the flank feed is too large during the cutting process. After the above problems occur, the solutions are as follows: Check the spindle clearance and adjust it properly before turning. If the spindle bearings are severely worn, replace the bearings. Finish turning after semi-finishing.

This article focuses on the knowledge point of CNC lathe shaft machining, through this article, you can see that CNC lathes are also often used as an auxiliary process to add or improve features on parts manufactured using different processes. Because CNC lathes can provide high tolerances and surface finishes, they are ideal for adding precision rotational features to parts that already have a basic shape.

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