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Process characteristics of precision machining and ultra-precision machining of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Compared with general processing, the precision machining and ultra-precision machining of metal stamping parts have unique characteristics; the precision machining and ultra-precision machining of metal stamping parts are developed with precision components as the processing objects and closely integrated with precision components. Plates, squares, gears, lead screws, worm gear sets, index plates and balls are all typical precision components. With the development of modern technology, large-scale integrated circuit chips, diamond molds, synthetic sapphire bearings, aspheric lenses and precision servo valve parts are typical precision components; precision machining and ultra-precision machining of metal stamping parts must not only ensure high Accuracy and surface quality, while requiring high stability or retention, without being disturbed by changes in external conditions. Therefore, pay attention to the following aspects: 1. The uniformity and performance consistency of the metal stamping parts. Internal or external micro-defects are not allowed, and there are even certain requirements for the fibrosis of the material structure. For example, the aluminum alloy disk of the precision disk is not allowed to be organized fibrosis, and the same is true for the precision metal ball; 2. Strict processing environment, work in the clean room of the constant temperature room, the purification requirement is 100, the temperature requirement is (20±0.006) ℃. At the same time, there must be anti-vibration foundation and other anti-vibration measures; 3. Precision metal stamping parts The processing equipment itself not only has high precision, but also adopts constant temperature measures inside the equipment to gradually form an independent processing unit. For example, some precision machine tools are integrated in a large cover, and the cover is kept at a constant temperature; 4. The heat treatment process should be arranged reasonably. There is a close relationship between the precision machining of stamping parts and the heat treatment process, aging, ice-cold treatment, etc., to ensure the accuracy and stability of the metal stamping parts; 5. Precision measurement is a necessary condition for the precision processing of stamping parts. Without corresponding precision measurement methods, it cannot be Scientifically measure the precision and surface quality achieved by precision machining. In the precision machining and ultra-precision machining of stamping parts, sometimes precision measurement becomes the key. For example, in high-precision aerostatic bearings, it is very difficult to measure its radial runout and axial runout under high-speed rotation. This limits the further improvement of the accuracy of aerostatic bearings. It can be seen that precision measurement is also inseparable from precision machining; article recommendation: advantages and significance of stamping die design standards What are the characteristics?
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