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Process characteristics of titanium stamping parts processing

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Titanium metal parts are widely used in the medical field, for example, they are widely used in tooth restoration and reconstruction. It can also be used in human bone, tissue transplantation and reconstruction. The processing of titanium stamping parts is classified according to the process, which can be divided into two categories: separation process and forming process; the separation process is also called punching, its purpose is to separate the stamping part from the sheet along a certain contour, while ensuring the quality requirements of the separated section , The purpose of the forming process is to make the sheet metal plastically deform without breaking the billet to make a workpiece of the required shape and size. In actual production, multiple processes are often applied comprehensively to a workpiece; in the processing of titanium stamping parts, the surface and intrinsic properties of the titanium sheet have a great influence on the quality of the stamped product, and the thickness of the stamping material is required to be accurate and uniform; the surface is smooth; No spots, no scars, no cracks, etc., uniform yield strength; no obvious directionality, high uniform elongation; low yield ratio; low work hardening, etc.; Recommended article: Features of deep-drawn shell stampings The characteristics of the shell deep drawing parts
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