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Processability of metal stamping products

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
In the process analysis of metal stamping parts, we should focus on the process characteristics of stamping products. The manufacturability of metal stamping parts includes; whether the shape and dimensional accuracy of stamping parts can be completed by stamping processing methods, and whether the simplest stamping process methods can be used Manufacturing is completed; to analyze the processability of the metal stamping parts, firstly analyze the processability of the stamping parts according to the product drawings. The stamping process of automobile metal stamping parts is generally based on the drawing process, bending process, and punching process; 1 、Drawing process; the fillet radius R between the flange and side wall of the drawn part and the fillet radius R between the bottom and the side wall should be enlarged as much as possible. The round corner radius is large, so that the part can be easily drawn into shape, and the drawn part should be as large as possible Symmetrical or left-right symmetrical drawn parts; in order to double-draw, and then cut into two pieces; 2. Bending process; the deformation of the hole should be prevented during bending, and the edge of the hole should be properly distanced from the bend to avoid the hole Deformation, the length of the flange is not easy to be too small, the press-bent parts should try to consider the positioning of the process hole and double press-bending to change the stress; 3. The punching process; the shape should be able to make the material reasonable and reduce Scrap, straight or curved joints should have proper rounded corners, which is conducive to the manufacture, maintenance and use of molds. Recommended article: What are the requirements for the shape of the drawing and stamping processing design? Previous post: What should be paid attention to during the debugging process of stamping die?
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