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Produce stamping production of waste and effective preventive measures

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Because of many factors, which leads to the production of stamping parts can not meet, can only be scrapped. This will give enterprise to bring the huge losses, so it should be to find the stamping parts become the cause of the waste, and for effective prevention, improve the product percent of pass? Causes of scrap parts are many, may be stamping the inferior quality of raw materials; May also be related to the production of stamping die, such as the installation of the punching die adjustment and improper use; Die for use for a long time, the working parts of the clearance changes or itself and guiding parts wear and tear; Die due to the impact of vibration time is too long, loose fastening parts, make die relative change of the installation position. In addition, stamping waste may also be caused by the operation of staff, such as the operator does not will strip material according to the correct way to feed; Not in accordance with the procedures to operate and so on. For these reasons, the countermeasures of prevention? In order to guarantee the qualification rate of stamping parts, raw materials must be consistent with provisions of technical conditions, in order to do this, must strictly check the specifications and grades of raw materials, in the case of conditional to require high dimensional accuracy and surface quality of workpiece in laboratory tests. And in process planning of stamping parts production of each link should be comprehensive strictly obeyed; The press and die tooling equipment used, should guarantee work under normal working state; As far as possible in the process of production set up strict inspection system, timely and accurately find the problem of product.
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