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Production characteristics and testing of electrical stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The appearance and structure of electrical stamping parts are more complex, and the molds designed are relatively complex. At the beginning, the development level of domestic molds is still somewhat different from that of other developed countries. The drawing is hand-painted and the equipment is relatively backward. In the past few years, the country has developed rapidly in the stamping industry, and has been able to fully develop, produce, and stamping technology by itself. The testing of electrical stamping parts can be divided into two methods: white light detection and blue light detection; white light detection is mainly composed of red The three primary colors of, green and blue are composed of colors with different wavelengths; it is mainly excited by diodes to obtain surface data of electrical stamping parts. Its shortcomings are that the equipment power is large, and the failure rate is relatively high. The product of the first generation is white light. With the development of blue light, blue light has become the main market; blue light detection is characterized by short light source wavelengths, low energy consumption, more stable systems, and longer equipment life. The camera-style measurement method uses the latest blue light technology to refract light to the electronics. Three-dimensional graphics are formed on the surface of electrical stamping parts, shooting from different perspectives, forming three-dimensional graphics, obtaining the information of the three coordinates of the stamping parts, collecting stamping parts data is convenient and efficient; household appliances are used by every household, and the most popular one is smart appliances. , The electrical stamping parts used in it are also popular products of every stamping part manufacturer; with the changes in the market, electronic product suppliers have higher and higher requirements for the size and accuracy of electrical stamping parts, so they have also driven With the development of the stamping industry, we are striving for more and more perfection in every electrical stamping product; recommended article: What aspects should we start with when designing stamping parts? Previous post: Why is the processing of metal stamping parts sometimes not separated completely?
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