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Production points of automobile brake booster shell (1)

by:Fortuna     2021-03-03
The automobile brake booster shell is generally composed of three parts: the front shell, the rear shell, and the booster disc. The booster shell is divided into processes and belongs to the drawing forming process of stamping parts. Because the booster shell is crucial in the automobile brake system It is important, so the production of the booster shell has very strict requirements on the process, mold, equipment, personnel and other related factors. First of all, let’s talk about the accuracy requirements of the front housing. Different car models have different housing sizes and different appearances, but the overall requirements are nothing more than dimensional flatness, parallelism, relative height, overall stretch thinning rate, and tightness. The size is strictly controlled. Today we first talk about the processing points of the front shell forming mold. The first thing to do after formulating the process is to process the mold. First, ensure the accuracy requirements of the mold during the process. Rough machining must ensure a large machining allowance to ensure The precision of the dimensions of the finishing after heat treatment is required. Among them, the mold chuck must be heat treated and then finely ground. Only in this way can the upper and lower height difference be controlled within 0.03mm after the assembly of the mold chuck is completed. Then there is the detection of the flatness of the upper and lower tables of the processing machine. Generally speaking, the equipment required for the first-order forming and processing of the booster shell is a 200T four-column hydraulic press. The upper and lower tables are tested before the mold is assembled. If the parallelism of the upper and lower tables exceeds 0.1mm, the hydraulic press must be debugged. , An experienced stamping fitter can debug. If the fitter of our factory does not have this experience, he must find a professional who repairs the hydraulic press, mature and reasonable stamping technology, guarantee of mold accuracy, and guarantee of flatness and parallelism of the processing equipment table. The three points are the most important in the forming process of the front housing of the booster. In the next section, we will talk about the second-order small tube forming of the booster front shell. Previous post: How to use ordinary punches to process precision stamping parts with powerful blank holders?
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