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Production technology of battery shell is introduced

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Batteries shrapnel belongs to metal stamping, electronic hardware material category, is all kinds of electronic products ( Mobile phone, connector, cars, etc. ) Battery is an important part of, the use of copper, iron, stainless steel and other materials. The fields of silver, nickel. Installed in the battery shell fragments by pressing on the conductive film, shrapnel center point contact PCB loop formation, an electric current passes through. It has the characteristics of guide connectivity is strong and soft handle. Battery shell production process: by cold stamping die stamping processing, metal material processing into parts of a special process. Stamping, it is at room temperature, installed on the pressure of mold to pressure on the material, make its produce a separation or plastic deformation, to obtain the required a stamping processing method of metal parts. Hardware battery shell as an important hardware components of electronic system, has a lot of use, and a wide range of hardware make handmade of original battery shrapnel, edging towards mechanical automation, at the same time, the process performance of metal shrapnel also go on rising trend.
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